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Hertz contact of two spheres

Hertz contact theory

29.10.2017 tribonet
Hertz contact theory is a classical theory of contact mechanics and is a very useful tool for engineers and researchers. Even though the derivation of the theory is relatively difficult, the final solution is a […]


22.05.2017 tribonet
The ASTM definition of lubricating grease is: “A solid or semi-solid lubricant consisting of a thickener agent in a liquid lubricant. Other ingredients imparting special properties may be included” A commercial lubricating grease usually consists […]
Industrial Lubrication

What Are Lubricants?

17.04.2017 tribonet
Definition Lubricant is a substance which is used to control (more often to reduce) friction and wear of the surfaces in a contact of the bodies in relative motion. Depending on its nature, lubricants are […]
Worn Steel Disk

Archard Wear Equation

04.04.2017 tribonet
The importance of wear losses leads to considerable effort in establishing theories and predictive models of wear. Meng and Ludema  [1] have identified 182 equations for different types of wear. Among them were empirical relations, […]
Hydrodynamic Lubrication

Hydrodynamic Lubrication

16.02.2017 tribonet
Definition Hydrodynamic lubrication theory is a theory used to reduce friction and/or wear of rubbing solids with the aid of liquid lubricant. For a vast majority of the surfaces encountered in nature and used in […]
Elastic Deformation

Elastic Deformation

16.02.2017 tribonet
Definition Elastic deformation is a change of the shape of the body as a reaction to applied stress. This deformation is only temporary and once the stress is released, the undeformed shape of the body […]


14.02.2017 tribonet
Tribometers are the devices used to analyze and characterize tribological systems. The most common direct measurement is the measurement of friction coefficient (and shear strength). During the post processing stage other quantities can be measured, […]