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    'The correct lubricant' covers basic practical information about lubricants in automotive and industrial areas. It is written for users of lubricants, giving only what is essential to know and useful for them. It could also be used by professionals in the field who must explain various aspects of lubrication to their customers. And it is also designed as a textbook.
    'The correct lubricant' is a practical book with very little chemistry, theory and calculations. It is up to date including details of the new diesel engine oil specifications.


    The book will benefit anyone involved with the operation and maintenance of fleets and industrial plant and machinery in mining, manufacturing, construction, road works, trucking, transport and all other industries. There should be a hard copy of this book in every plant and fleet.

    A part of the package is a web page with more than 1500 links to relevant articles listed in line with the contents of the book.