golden age of tribology
Golden Age of Tribology?

Recently, a paper titled “Is Tribology Approaching Its Golden Age? Grand Challenges in Engineering Education and Tribological Research” appeared in Frontiers | Tribology journal.  The author, Valentin Popov, Professor at TU Berlin, puts forward and […]

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Contact Mechanics Book

The Handbook on Contact Mechanics (Handbuch der Kontaktmechanik) co-authored by Honorary Professor of Tomsk Polytechnic University, head of the Department of System Dynamics and Friction Physics at Technical University Berlin, Valentin Popov, a TPU alumnus […]


TriboSolver (formerly known as Tribology Simulator) is a cloud based software for the simulation of the most common tribological problems: rough contact problem (pressure and subsurface stress calculations, deflections, stiffnesses), Elastohydrodynamic problem, Stribeck Curve simulation […]