Life Like Object
Advanced Materials

Programmable surface

04.10.2018 tribonet 105 Views

Living organisms expand and contract soft tissues to achieve complex, 3-D movements and functions, but replicating those movements with man-made materials has proven challenging. A University of Texas at Arlington researcher recently published groundbreaking research […]

macroscale superlubricity
Advanced Materials

Macroscopic superlubricity in dry conditions

06.09.2018 tribonet 235 Views

Anyone who has ever taken their car in for an oil change recognizes the importance of reducing the friction that arises when steel touches steel. Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National […]

Controllable surface texture
Advanced Materials

A multifunctional, multiscale, reconfigurable surface

31.07.2018 tribonet 70 Views

Composite surface has features that can move microparticles, mix droplets, repel biofilms and more [embedded content] An international team of researchers, led by Harvard University, have developed a dynamic surface with reconfigurable topography that can […]

Advanced Materials

A Novel Method to Grow Elastic Diamonds

25.07.2018 [email protected] 42 Views

Diamonds is the strongest naturally occurring material on Earth. It is also renowned for its incomparable properties, such as high stiffness, exceptional thermal conductivity, high chemical resistance, and high optical transparency. Although these remarkable properties […]