Simulating Physics

06.12.2017 tribonet 501 Views

Nature is quantum mechanical, and UCSB/Google researchers are ready to study it with a nine-qubit array and the problem of many-body localization When does a metal stop being metallic? When do atoms start breaking the […]

metal micrographs

How to get sprayed metal coatings to stick

04.12.2017 tribonet 652 Views

Micrographs of a metal surface after impact by metal particles. Craters are formed due to melting of the surface from the impact. Image courtesy of the researchers. “When spraying metal coatings, melting hurts rather than […]

superballistic electrons

Super-ballistic electron flow confirmed

01.12.2017 tribonet 1,165 Views

Behaving like particles in a viscous fluid can help bunches of electrons squeeze through a tight space. When many people try to squeeze through a passageway at the same time, it creates a bottleneck that […]