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balls bouncing colours
Computational Tribology

Computer matches Humans at predicting How Objects Move

02.08.2017 299 Views
“3-D physics engine” from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory simulates the human brain to infer physical properties. We humans take for granted our remarkable ability to predict things that happen around us. For […]
friction tuning
General Topics

Vanishing Friction

01.08.2017 1302 Views
Illustration: Christine Daniloff/MIT and Alexei Bylinkskii A new technique tunes friction between two surfaces, to the point where friction can vanish. MIT researchers developed a frictional interface at the atomic level. The blue corrugated surface […]
Tribofilm Growth
Advanced Materials

Zeroing in on ZDDP tribofilm growth

31.07.2017 283 Views
Models for the stress-activated growth of tribofilms from ZDDP were modified to include wear. TWO RECENT CUTTING EDGE ARTICLES reported on work that showed the growth rates of tribofilms from ZDDP were accelerated by contact […]



Upcoming Events

all-day Summer school of Italian associa... @ Palazzo Fruscione
Summer school of Italian associa... @ Palazzo Fruscione
Aug 28 – Sep 1 all-day
The lecture topics includes, but not limited to: Thin film flow modelling. Including hands-on finite difference method implementation of a solution procedure for the 2D Reynolds equation in cylindrical coordinates. Modelling cavitation in hydrodynamic lubrication [...]
all-day 9th International Conference on ...
9th International Conference on ...
Sep 13 – Sep 15 all-day
The scope of this conference embraces the state of art and future trends in tribology research and application, emphasizing the necessity of facilitation intellectual collaboration across both disciplinary and national boundaries.
all-day 27th International Workshop on C... @ Maria Theresia College
27th International Workshop on C... @ Maria Theresia College
Sep 20 – Sep 22 all-day
The IWCMM series aims at covering a broad range of materials and of modelling and simulation techniques to predict their mechanical response. Bringing the respective communities in both academia and industry in touch with each [...]
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