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super elastic material
Advanced Materials

Highly elastic shape-memory material discovered

15.11.2017 64 Views
UConn materials science and engineering researcher Seok-Woo Lee and his colleagues have discovered super-elastic shape-memory properties in a material that could be applied for use as an actuator in the harshest of conditions, such as […]
nasa plane
Advanced Materials

Metal with Memory: Shaping the Future of Aviation

13.11.2017 75 Views
While aeronautics researchers across the globe continue to develop technologies that will make air travel more efficient, more sustainable and safer, there is a group of NASA researchers who are altering the long-held view that […]
General Topics

A tribologist’s quest

10.11.2017 178 Views
Brandon Krick explores the interdisciplinary science of surface interaction Brandon Krick says he’s had the good fortune to research space and dinosaurs—“all the things you want to explore as a kid,” he says. But his real […]


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all-day ICTIE 2017 : 19th International ...
ICTIE 2017 : 19th International ...
Dec 4 – Dec 5 all-day
Conference Aims and Objectives The ICTIE 2017: 19th International Conference on Tribology and Interface Engineering aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results [...]
all-day 21st International Colloquium Tr...
21st International Colloquium Tr...
Jan 9 – Jan 11 all-day
Enhancing the efficiency and durability of machines by controlling friction and wear is receiving an enormous and increasing significance in modern industrial applications. New stringent environmental legislations oblige companies and OEMs to enhance the efficiency [...]
all-day New Challenges in Tribology
New Challenges in Tribology
Mar 14 – Mar 15 all-day
This two day event will attempt to address current challenges in productivity through Tribology and materials and surface coatings and will provide an update of the latest developments in materials analysis equipment in this field. [...]
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