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vacuum oil flow
Advanced Materials

Stability of vacuum oil in space

25.06.2018 787 Views

A research team from the Research Institute of Mechanics, MSU together with a colleague from the Center of New Space Technologies, MAI described the behavior of a liquid sheet (vacuum oil) propagating in open space. […]

snake skin
Bio Tribology

Snake skin inspired texture to control friction

22.06.2018 285 Views

If you want to know how to make a sneaker with better traction in the rain, just ask a snake. That’s the theory driving the research of Hisham Abdel-Aal, PhD, an associate teaching professor from […]
General Topics

Explained: How does a soccer ball swerve?

20.06.2018 134 Views

The smoothness of a ball’s surface — in addition to playing technique — is a critical factor. It happens every four years: The World Cup begins and some of the world’s most skilled players carefully […]


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