golden age of tribology
Tribology News

Golden Age of Tribology?

29.11.2018 tribonet 1,046 Views

Recently, a paper titled “Is Tribology Approaching Its Golden Age? Grand Challenges in Engineering Education and Tribological Research” appeared in Frontiers | Tribology journal.  The author, Valentin Popov, Professor at TU Berlin, puts forward and […]

drilling mud
Computational Tribology

Smart mud to smooth the way for drilling wells

22.11.2018 tribonet 87 Views

A model that simulates how drilling fluids, or muds, behave and influence the stability of oil wells has been developed by KAUST researchers. Their findings could inform new safety protocols and the design of novel […]

Advanced Materials

3D print colloidal crystals

12.11.2018 tribonet 209 Views

MIT engineers have united the principles of self-assembly and 3-D printing using a new technique, which they highlight today in the journal Advanced Materials. By their direct-write colloidal assembly process, the researchers can build centimeter-high crystals, […]

fish fin
Bio Tribology

Mysteries of the Fish Fin Revealed

05.11.2018 tribonet 177 Views

The rayed structure of the fin is found in greater than 99% of all living fish species – a testament to its versatility. Among many other maneuvers, fish use it to stay still in moving […]

metal pink
Advanced Materials

Developing a new kind of Metallic Glass

01.11.2018 tribonet 170 Views

Yale researchers have discovered a method for creating a new kind of metallic glass, a class of materials made from complex alloys. By shrinking samples of metallic glass to nanoscale size, Yale researchers have discovered […]