Tribo Film Growth with AFM
Advanced Materials

Antiwear tribofilm growth – AFM study

14.03.2016 Aydar Akchurin 156 Views

In a wide range of tribological components, the lubricant is not capable of separating the surfaces and areas of metal-to-metal contact occurs. However, the metal-to-metal contact area can be minimized by the action of additives, […]

Advanced Materials

Reduce the Friction with Graphene Balls

21.02.2016 Aydar Akchurin 285 Views

Tiny, sub-micron sized particles are frequently used as additives in the lubricants to improve their frictional and wear behavior. These particles, due to their size, can enter the contact and protect the surfaces from the […]

Friction of Ice
Advanced Materials

Ice friction and frictional heat

07.02.2016 Aydar Akchurin 119 Views

As it was already pointed in the recent post, the friction on ice is an important topic and its typical low value is attributed to the formation of the water film. Despite our everyday life […]

Graphene-DLC nano scroll
Advanced Materials

Macroscale superlubricity

11.01.2016 tribonet 233 Views

  Friction rises when bodies come to contact and start relative sliding. This phenomenon occurs in many mechanical systems and it is estimated that over 30% of the fuel in cars is consumed to overcome […]