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Medical textiles and tribology

13.07.2017 tribonet 151 Views
NOT LONG BEFORE MY LAST SKI TRIP, I was having a lot of lower back problems stemming from a bad fall years ago. Without getting into too much blood and gore, I have a pinched […]
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Tribology at Work on the Strings

12.07.2017 tribonet 1,058 Views
There’s something about the moan and wail of a good gut-bucket slide guitar riff that can grab you by the innards and not let go. Any tribologist worth his salt is likely to have another […]
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Breaks Observed in Rover Wheel Treads

10.07.2017 tribonet 886 Views
A routine check of the aluminum wheels on NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has found two small breaks on the rover’s left middle wheel-the latest sign of wear and tear as the rover continues its journey, […]
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NASA Tests Robotic Ice Tools

07.07.2017 tribonet 417 Views
Want to go ice fishing on Jupiter’s moon Europa? There’s no promising you’ll catch anything, but a new set of robotic prototypes could help. Since 2015, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, has been […]
Innovative technology for deep drilling is being built at Luleå University of Technology
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Innovative deep drilling for rock stress measurements

06.07.2017 tribonet 45 Views
Luleå University of Technology has received funding for national infrastructure from the Swedish Research Council to build a national resource for rock stress measurements. The equipment is unique in the world and allows three-dimensional rock […]
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It’s Kind of a Drag

05.07.2017 tribonet 595 Views
UCSB engineer shows how minimizing fluid friction can make oceangoing vessels more fuel-efficient and reduce harmful emissions Imagine walking from one side of a swimming pool to the other. Each step takes great effort — […]
railway friction train
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Railway Invention can save millions

02.07.2017 tribonet 144 Views
A small device can make great use to all the world’s railways. It is the aim when a new portable tester, which, when you fix it directly on the rails, can measure the wear and […]
lizard feet
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Leaping Lizards!

01.07.2017 tribonet 47 Views
UC Riverside-led research tests the limits of gecko adhesion. RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Many geckos inhabit trees, often living high in the canopy. Relying on their incredible adhesive strength to help them break their fall, they […]
G. humeralis in French Guiana.Photo credit: Timothy Higham, UC Riverside.
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How Gecko Feet Got Sticky

30.06.2017 tribonet 171 Views
UC Riverside-led study offers evidence that small morphological changes can lead to large changes in function RIVERSIDE, Calif. – How do key innovations in the animal kingdom arise? To explore this question, gecko expert Timothy Higham, […]