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3D dislocations observed by X-Ray

26.05.2017 tribonet 389 Views
In a new study published in Science, researchers at Argonne used an X-ray scattering technique called Bragg coherent diffraction imaging to reconstruct in 3-D the size and shape of grain defects. These defects create imperfections […]
Soft Adhesion Gripping Small
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Grab things like a Gecko: a new gripping system

22.05.2017 tribonet 7008 Views
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems have developed a soft gripping system that uses differential air pressure and a gecko-inspired adhesive for exceptional bonding to three-dimensional objects. The findings […]
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No Friction – Bad Earthquake

02.05.2017 tribonet 3466 Views
It is a common trope in disaster movies: an earthquake strikes, causing the ground to rip open and swallow people and cars whole. The gaping earth might make for cinematic drama, but earthquake scientists have […]
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Paper Tribology

06.04.2017 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 663 Views
Paper, an essential commodity in our day to day life. The following articles describes how Tribology plays an important role in paper manufacturing industries. Friction in paper Friction coefficient is an important parameter in paper […]
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Ancient Tribology artifacts looted ??

13.03.2017 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 1396 Views
Today’s article is neither about advances in Tribology nor about its application, its about the beginning of Tribology. Everyone who has studied tribology via formal or informal education must be familiar with the image of […]
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Tribology in Abrasive Waterjets

07.02.2017 HARSHVARDHAN SINGH 1012 Views
Waterjet machining can be referred to as a material removal process which uses a high velocity stream of water or a mixture of water and abrasives. Waterjet machining can be categorized into: [1][3] Pure water […]